Fine imported long leaf loose tea, organic tea, coffee, and spices and natural salts. Direct from farm to you.

The Story of Us

We were founded under the principle that exquisite teas and spices from around the world do not need to be expensive, bought only in specialty catalogs or metro area tea houses, nor should farmers or local merchants have to deal with unfair trade practices or market manipulations just to make a meager living.


Over the last three years we have developed direct relationships with farmers, markets, small tea and spice auctions in order to get our customers the most direct link to the products they purchase.  


Unlike many tea and spice suppliers whose products get moved from warehouse to warehouse to broker to dealer to seller to store, our products come directly from farmers, or their representatives, to you.


We do not stock large quantities of teas and spices because we feel that although you can get a better “deal” when you buy in bulk you lose more in quality, freshness, individual care and relationship building.  


Our primary goal is to ensure 100% satisfaction and provide you with some of the best and freshest teas and spices available.  If there are specific teas and spices you have trouble finding or are excessively expensive we invite you to contact us and see if we can find a more direct source for you.   


Austin Smigel, Owner